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Facilities Management

Barnsdales FM offers efficient facilities management through a range of property related services across the UK from the head office in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Building Services

We support landlords, occupiers and agents in delivering efficient, well maintained, compliant properties. With high calibre Facility Managers to fully engage with all stakeholders to offer first class occupier engagement and satisfaction. 

Barnsdales FM is the result of a merger between CPS and Barnsdales Property Consultants and Chartered Surveyors which was established in 1905.

Barnsdales FM is part of the Barnsdales Group of Companies which offers complete property advisory and property management solutions.

Facilities Management and Managed Building Services in Doncaster, South Yorkshire & across the UK: Comprehensive Business Solutions

Barnsdales FM has been providing cutting-edge and comprehensive business solutions in both maintenance services and managed building services. Facilities management is a discipline that prioritises the efficiency and effectiveness of the support services of any business or organisation. These support services are specially designed and customised to create an environment that allows the company's core activities to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Our buildings maintenance teams across the UK have been involved in a variety of management jobs, including cleaning services and grounds maintenance, among others. 

Our senior management places great value on the facilities management team, as they practice a proactive approach to all facets of building maintenance. Cleaning services and grounds maintenance tasks are efficiently taken care of by the dedicated facilities team, who strive to ensure that the businesses' functionality is not disrupted. Providing a well-maintained working environment is one of the topmost responsibilities of the facilities management team. This is in the interest of ensuring that all members of staff can perform at their best in a conducive work environment.

The full package of services offered is designed to take full care of all cleaning and maintenance needs of a business. The maintenance package comes with not just cleaning services, but a complete building maintenance support system. Our dedicated facilities team handle all managed services with utmost efficiency and professionalism, thereby ensuring that the day-to-day operations of your business are not interrupted. Moreover, the bespoke maintenance service offered by our facilities management team allows for customisation based on the unique needs of individual businesses.

In essence, a facilities manager performs the role of ensuring that the physical environment of the business is optimal, and this is a critical element of senior management' strategy. This strategy is reviewed periodically, and the review allows the management to take necessary steps in the care of all properties under facilities management, whether that involves cleaning services or building maintenance. This is because the productivity of a business is closely linked to the condition of the physical environment in which the business operates.

Therefore, the importance of the job of a facilities manager in the daily operation of any business is paramount. Together with his team, he performs management jobs involving the upkeep of the premises, from the cleaning services to the overall maintenance services, including building maintenance. The role of facilities management is critical in businesses and can be likened to the role of management in any group or company. They bear the responsibility of creating an environment that promotes growth and efficiency.

Finally, for a comprehensive and hassle-free facilities management experience, coupled with unparalleled building maintenance, businesses can rely on us. We welcome new businesses to conduct a search and review our facilities management services today.